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Menu Card Lithos

Our menu offers, in addition to a number of well-known traditional dishes, a very wide range of delicious, pure, certainly not everyday Greek dishes, which also includes gourmets you will definitely enjoy.

We distinguish ourselves by using fresh products of the very best quality and in combination with our unique wine list with Greek wines it is a true experience.

In addition, we use the best of Greece in the form of herbs, spices, cheeses and olive oil to give you the typical Greek taste and experience. That results in authentic Greek dishes, presented in a contemporary way.

Experience a culinary voyage of discovery with your table companion(s). Share a selection of various cold, warm starters and / or main courses.
A combination of 3 to 4 dishes per person is usually enough to fill your table with delicious, traditional and surprising ‘other’ Greek delicacies.

Of course we are happy to assist you in making your choice!

Cold Starters

1. TZATZIKI Greek yogurt with cucumber, seasoning and fresh garlic   5,50
2. FETA Greek cheese   7,50
3. ELIES, PIPERIES olives and sour peppers   4,50
4. TARAMAS Greek speciality, made of lightly beaten roe and potatoes   7,00
5. DAKOS toasted bread with tomato, onion, garlic, basil and feta   5,50
6. BEEF TARTAAR   9,50
7. GARIDES COCKTAIL shrimps with cocktail sauce   9,50
 8. PIKILIA a variety of cold and warm starters 14,50
 9. GTIPITI compote of feta cheese (a little spicy)   7,50
10. MELITZANASALATA compote of eggplant topped with garlic   7,50
11. LITHOS DIPS tzatziki, compote of eggplant and compote of feta cheese   7,50
12. CHORIATIKI SALATA the well-known Greek salad   8,50
13. TONO SALATA tuna salad   7,50
14. ROKKA SALATA mix of rucola melange, cherry tomatoes, croutons and parmesan cheese   8,50
15. SALATA FILETTO salad mix with fried beef tenderloin and honey/mustard dressing 12,50
  KRUIDENBOTER butter with herbs   4,00
  Baguette is served at all starters.

Warm Starters

16. STRIFTOPITES spiral tarts filled with feta/sundried tomatoes and spinach/leeks/feta   7,50
17. KOLOKITHOKEFTEDES Greek zucchini feta rods with tzatziki   7,50
18. BOUGIORDI two kinds of cheese, tomatoes, peppers and olives from the oven   9,50
19. ORTIKIA STIFADO quail’s legs in delicious red sauce with onions 12,50
20. KEFTEDES fried meatballs with sauce   7,50
21. DOLMADAKIA stuffed vine leaves with rice, minced-meat and topped with lemon dressing   6,90
22. SAGANAKI FETA fried Greek cheese   8,50
23. SAGANAKI GARIDES fried shrimps with feta sauce 13,50
24. GARIDES VOUTIROU shrimps in garlic butter 12,50
25. SAGANAKI MIDIA Fried mussels with feta sauce or spicy red sauce   8,90
26. WODINOS MEZES tenderloin fillets, with spinach and yogurt-mustard sauce 14,50
27. KALAMARAKIA fried squids served with garlic sauce   8,50
28. SAGANAKI KEFALOTIRI fried old Greek cheese   9,50
29. TIROPITAKIA MELI puff pastry stuffed with feta, topped with honey   7,50
30. MANITARIA GEMISTA large mushrooms stuffed with minced meat and cheese   8,90
31. GAVROS SALTSA anchovies with red sauce 10,50
32. GAVROS fried anchovies   8,00
33. LAGANODOLMADES stuffed cabbage leaves with minced meat and rice   7,50
34. SIKOTAIA fried veal liver with unions 13,90
35. MELITZANES EN KOLOKITHAKIA fried eggplant and zucchini served with tzatziki   7,50
36. SALIGARIA snails with a sauce of herb butter 12,50
37. OCHTAPODI SCHARAS grilled fresh octopus 12,90
38. OCHTAPODI KRASATO fresh octopus prepared with wine 12,90
  Baguette is served at all starters.


43. NTOMATOSOUPA vegetarian tomato soup   4,50
43. KREATOSOUPA spicy veal broth with fresh vegetables and pieces of veal   6,50
44. FASSOLADA the most characteristic Greek bean soup   5,50
  These soups are served with baguette.

Side Dishes

46. RIZI rice with tomato sauce   3,50
47. PATATES FOURNOU potatoes from the oven   3,50
48. PATATES TIGANITES French fries   3,00
49. GIGANTES big white beans with sauce   5,90
50. GIROS small pieces of roasted pork and onions   6,50
51. MIKRO TZATZIKI Greek yogurt with cumcumber seasoning and fresh garlic   3,50
52. LAGANO SALATA cabbage salad   3,50

For our young Guests

filet of chicken, French fries and apple sauce
giros, French fries and apple sauce
frikandel, French fries and apple sauce
2 suzuki, French fries and apple sauce
kalamaria, French fries and apple sauce

Vegetarian Dishes

58. GORTOMOUSAKAS vegetarian mousaka; made in the oven and it contains potatoes, eggplant, zucchini and cheese topped with bechamel sauce 16,50
59. KRITHARAKI Greek pasta with tomato sauce and feta or with mushrooms and parmesan cheese 15,00
60. VEGETARIAN PIKILIA dish of filled peppers, lasagna, stuffed wine leaves, big white beans and tzatziki 16,50
61. PASTITIO lasagna filled with spinach and feta topped with bechamel sauce 17,50
62. SKIOUFIKTA Cretan pasta in vegetable sauce with feta 15,50
  These dishes are served with salad.

Fish Dishes

63. LAVRAKI grilled sea bass fillet 22,50
64. LAVRAKI GEMISTO grilled sea bass fillet filled with king prawns in delicious fish sauce with truffle puree 28,50
65. BAKALIAROS baked fresh cod fillet served with braised spinach 21,50
66. BAKALIAROS PLAKI cod fillet in vegetable sauce, melted cheese from the oven (cooking time ± 20 min.) 23,50
67. GARIDES SCHARAS 5 grilled not peeled shrimps 23,50
68. GARIDES PLAKI peeled schrimps in vegetable sauce, melted cheese from the oven 24,50
69. DIAFORA PSARIA fish variety, contains fried shrimps, squids, slip sole and salmon fillet 24,50
70. GLOSSA fried sole 28,50
71. GLOSSA SPECIAL fried sole with shrimps and mushrooms finished with white wine 30,50
72. FILETTO SOLOMOS grilled salmon fillet 20,50
73. FILETTO SOLOMOS MET SKIOUFIKTA grilled salmon fillet with pasta 22,50
74. KALAMARIA fried squids rings 17,50
75. KRITHAROTO Greek pasta with seafood in white sauce 19,50
76. TSIPOURA FILETTO grilled fillet of dorade 22,50
77. THALASSA SCHOTEL (voor twee personen) fish variety, contains salmon fillets, red snapper fillest, slib soles, shrimps, squids with garlic sauce 54,50
  These dishes are served with French fries and salad.

Traditional Greek Dishes

78. MOUSAKA made in the oven and it contains spicy minced meat potatoes, eggplant, zucchini and cheese topped with bechamel sauce 16,90
79. STIFADO a traditional meat casserole with marinated veal, shallots, potatoes, a bit clove and cinnamon, seasoned with red wine served with potatoes from the oven 18,50
80. THRAKIOTIKO a typical Thracian dish. Veal, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, potatoes in tomato sauce and feta. This dish owes the special flavor to the way is cooked and served, in an earthen pot. 19,50
81. PASTITSADA a fragrant dish from Corfu: Stewed lamb simmered in a marinade of peeled tomatoes and, mavrodaphne whine and bay leaves, served with Greek pasta and grated cheese 18,50
82. KOKKINISTO MOSCHARI veal in red sauce served with skioufikta (Cretan pasta) 18,50
  These dishes are served with salad.

Pan Dishes

83. KOTOPOULO A LA CRÈME fried chicken fillet with mushroom sauce and truffle puree 19,50
84. PSARONEFRI RODAKINO baked pork tenderloin with peach and truffle puree 22,50
  These dishes are served with salad.
85. TIGANIA WODINO fried beef tenderloin, vegetables and herbs sprinkled with Metaxa cognac (Bekri Meze) 23,50
86. TIGANIA ARNAKI fried lamb fillets, served with braised spinach in a yogurt-mustard sauce 23,50
87. TIGANIA CHIRINO fried pork tenderloin in cream sauce with mushrooms, vegetables and onions 22,50
  These dishes are served with French fries and salad.

Barbecued Meat

88. THESSALONIKI suzuki, suflaki, gyros and mousaka 17,50
89. GIROS small pieces of roasted pork 14,50
90. BIFTEKI spicy minced meat filled with feta cheese served with giros 16,50
91. PAIDAKIA 5 grilled frenched lamb cutlets 21,50
92. CHORIATIKO PIATO suzuki, suflaki, calf liver and giros 17,50
93. PLATEAU TOU MAGIRA (voor 2 personen) dish with suzuki, pork fillet, suflaki, mousaka en giros served with Greek salad 52,50
94. ERMIS suzuki, suflaki, fillet of chicken and giros 17,50
95. RHODOS suzuki, suflaki, pork fillet, lamb cutlet and giros 19,50
96. SIKOTI grilled liver of veal 18,00
97. MIXED GRILL fillet of chicken, pork tenderloin, lamb fillet and beef tenderloin 24,50
98. SUFLAKI KOTOPOULO 2 fillet of chicken on skewer and giros 16,50
99. MYKONOS bifteki bifteki, lamb cutlet, fillet of chicken on skewer and giros 18,50
100. LITHOS SCHOTEL (voor 2 personen) fish and meat dish contains salmon, shrimps, squids, suzuki, Lamb cutlets, fillet of chicken, suflaki and giros served with Greek salad 56,50
  These dishes are served with French fries, tzatziki and salad.

Special Dishes of the House

101. SOUFLAKI SPECIAAL grilled pork tenderloin on a skewer and giros, with mushroom cream sauce 20,50
102. FILETTO ATHINA grilled lamb fillet and giros 23,50
103. FILETTO APHRODITE grilled beef fillet with mushroom cream sauce 24,50
104. FILETTO KOTOPOULO fillet of chicken topped with curry sauce 16,90
105. PAIDAKIA ARTEMIS spicy, juicy lamb meat (cooking time ± 25 min.) 25,50
106. ORTIKIA 2 grilled quails served with tzatziki 18,50
  These dishes are served with French fries, French beans and salad.