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lithos Wine List

A selection of Greek wines to compliment your meal.

Red wines

130. NAOUSAIA - xinomavro
Intense deep red colour. Aromas of small red fruits with brushes of cacao and coffee. Full mouth with well structured tannins, rich body and a good aftertaste. It a wine that allows for prolonged ageing.
Grilled meats and meats cooked in spicy sauce.
A delicious wine and an ideal companion to grilled meat and spicy sauces.
€ 26,50

131. AVANTIS grenarche rouge, syray
A fruity wine from Evia with flavors of plum, raspberry, chocolate and vanilla.
The finish is elegant floral and spicy. Great with red meat, lamb and grilled meats.
€ 22,50

132. KASTROPOLITIA - 50% mavroudi, 50% agiorgitiko
The grapes are taken from local vineyards. It has a light ruby color an tastes of cherry, coffee with a nutty nose. it has a medium body with an elegant finish. Delicious with red sauced dishes and cheeses.
€ 18,50

133.  300 - 70% agiorgitiko, 30% mavroudi
Deep red color, in a wine with a charming, spicy and salty perfume, where notes of pepper, ham and porcini mushrooms are distinguished, on a background of mature red fruits. Mouth with volume, robust tannins, good structure and exuberance.
€ 37,50

134. NIKOLAS - merlot
A complex organic wine with aromas of spice, cinnamon, coffee and tobacco, abundant fruit (plums, cherries) and hints of vanilla.
Exuberant in the mouth with velvety tannins and a long finish.
Great with grilled meat, spicy sauces and stews with vegetables.
€ 25,50

135. CHATZIMICHALIS - cabernet sauvignon
One of the most famous wines of the winery Boutaris. A very full wine with powerful finish and fruity fragrance. Featured in game and grilled meat dishes.
€ 29,50

One of Boutari's first and best-known wines Boutari Grande Reserve blends the tannic Xinomavro variety with the softness of barrel and bottle aging. This wine are barrel aged for two years in French oak, and then also bottle aged for an additional two years. This wine has a Very good structure, with strong tannins necessary for aging wine. Delicious with game and red meats
€ 29,50

From selected vineyards in the Nemea area , this exuberant wine with its deep red color and rich bouquet of spices, vanilia and dried fruit , has aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and another 12 months in the bottle in order to acquire its characteristic structured , velvety flavor and well balanced tannins.
Goes superbly with game, red meats and classic Greek dishes
€ 22,50 / by the glass € 4,20

For years, a top wine of the winery Costa Lazarides.
Prepared from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Limnio grapes.
Powerful, creamy with a very long finish. For lovers of powerful wines.
€ 32,50

A fragrant red, dry wine by the "Calliga" wine-house, in Cephalonia, the island of flowers. It washes down perfectly the meat-dishes and the others that require red wine.
€ 22,50 / by the glass € 4,20

Region: Greek Macedonia, Chaldiki. Varietals: Xynomavro, Moschomavro.
Makedonikos is the favorite wine of Mr G. Tsantalis.
It is a dry wine appreciated by nearly everyone.
It is not to dry and not to sweet. The wine is very tasteful and has it's own character.
The Red Makedonikos is ideal with not to spicy meat dishes, but also with fish dishes for instance shrimps.
The bottle has a traditional form of a 2300 years old stone wine bottle.
€ 18,70 / by the glass € 3,80

White wines

141. ALEXANDRAS - malagouzia
Tropical fruit like lychee, mango and pineapple gushes out of your glass with this delicious wine from northern Greece.
Organic produce, fresh and spicy. Delicious with sweet and sour dishes or
salads, vegetables, goat cheese, nuts.
€ 27,50

142. ASSYRTIKO ATHIRI - assyrtiko, athiri
These varieties grow for thousands of years on the island of Santorini and be there at their best. This beautiful wine is mineral, salty and fresh,
especially delicious with seafood.
€ 24,50

143. BLANC DE GRIS - moschofilero
This full-bodied wine from Mantinia is made from a red grape like Pinot Gris and a few months matured wood. The taste is reminiscent of muscat and Gewürztraminer with intense aromas of peach, citrus fruit and lemon blossom.
Great with salads, vegetables, prawns, fried fish and light sauces.
€ 27,50

144. AVANTIS - viognier, assyrtiko
This wine of Evia has aromas of ripe yellow fruit like pear, melon and banana. He is dry with a hint of sweetness, minerality and refreshing acidity. Aromas of white peach and apricot takes you back into the fruity aftertaste Delicious with seafood, salads, poultry and white cheese.
€ 19,50

145. EX ARNON – assyrtiko, sauvignon blanc
A lovely organic wine with intense floral and citrus fruit aromas from northern Greece, Chalkidiki.
Wine maker Claudia Papayianni makes beautiful wines in the birth place of her father. This soft fresh wine is easy to combine with lots of dishes.
€ 18,50

For years, a top wine of the winery Costa Lazarides.
Prepared from Cabernet Sauvignon, Limnio and Merlot grapes.
Powerful, creamy with a very long finish.
For lovers of powerful wines.
€ 29,50

A mild, refreshing wine with a "sunny" taste made of the sun matured Greek grapes in the region of Macedonia.
An odorous, new wine. Extremely tasty, ideal for all our dishes.
€ 18,70 / by the glass € 3,80

From the well-known winery Lazaridus, Mount Pangeon in East Macedonia.
According to the classical method of white vinification, maturation of three months in barrels of French oak. This wine can still easily five years in bottle maturation. An excellent choice in seafood.
€ 24,90 / by the glass € 4,70

A quality award winning wine. Its taste can even put the best French white wines in the shade. A dry, fragrant wine with a fresh, full flavor.
Fits very well with poultry, fish and meat dishes.
€ 21,50 / by the glass € 4,30

Rosé wines

Region: Greek Makedonia, Chalkidiki. Variety: Limnio.
Intense fruity taste.
€ 18,70 / by the glass € 3,80

Very special rose, because he has made 2 different grape varieties, the Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot. The vibrant red / pink color, rich aroma and the domination of strawberries and blackberries give this rose a fair and delicious taste.
€ 28,50

Very good champagne, comparable with the French champagne.
It is prepared the same way as Champagne. Tasty with a beautiful colour.
€ 33,50